PureWave Hydrogen

About Us

PureWave Hydrogen

PureWave Hydrogen Corp. is a Colorado-based company dedicated to the discovery and development of natural hydrogen resources across North America. Natural hydrogen, also known as “white” hydrogen, is a clean and renewable energy source produced from geologic processes, offering a sustainable alternative without emitting greenhouse gases or pollutants. It holds immense potential for powering vehicles, generating electricity, and producing chemicals.

Our Mission

At PureWave Hydrogen Corp., we specialize in the exploration and commercialization of natural hydrogen gas deposits. Unlike man-made hydrogen, natural hydrogen does not require energy-intensive production methods, leading to lower production costs and significantly reduced carbon emissions.

Advanced Technology and Expertise

Leveraging advanced technology, proprietary data, and a highly skilled team, PureWave Hydrogen is committed to sourcing hydrogen in a clean, continuous, and cost-effective manner. Our innovative approach addresses traditional barriers to hydrogen adoption, positioning us as a key player in U.S. decarbonization efforts and the global transition to cleaner energy.

Active Exploration and Industry Leadership

Currently, we are actively engaged in exploring and assessing assets that have the potential to make a substantial impact on the energy landscape. As the geologic hydrogen industry evolves, our data-driven strategy aims to lead the discovery and development of natural hydrogen resources throughout North America.

Vision for the Future

PureWave Hydrogen Corp. believes that natural hydrogen has the power to revolutionize the energy sector and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Our exploration efforts span various regions of the United States and Canada, including the midcontinent rift system. By utilizing advanced geospatial data and tools, we identify promising locations and evaluate the economic feasibility of extracting and utilizing natural hydrogen.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

We are dedicated to advancing the science and technology of natural hydrogen exploration and production. Collaboration is at the core of our approach; we work with leading researchers, industry partners, and government agencies to share knowledge and expertise. Moreover, we are committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts by supporting local communities, protecting biodiversity, and promoting green innovation.

PureWave Hydrogen Corp. is not just an energy company; we are pioneers in the quest for a sustainable future, driving innovation and making strides toward a cleaner, greener world.

Meet the Team

Robert B. Price


Robert B. Pricehas an extensive background in energy, real estate, and manufacturing. He hasheld positions such as Vice President and TrustOfficer at First National Bank and Trust Company of Tulsa (now J.P. MorganChase Bank) and managed Brooks Energy Company, specializing in oil, natural gas, and helium. Price recentlysold a significant stake in a New Mexico hydrogen electrical generation businessto Tallgrass Energy, backed by Blackstone group. He also owned S&RCompression, a natural gas compressor manufacturing and rental company. As Chairman and CEO of HighlandsNatural Resources, he focused on oil and gas wells in Colorado’s DJ Basin.Price founded Zeledyne, acquiring Ford Motor Company’s Glass division,and led Total Helium, partneringwith Linde for helium production and storage.Additionally, he is a partner in LN Energy, involved in a major natural gas project in Italy.
In public service, Price was a member of the
U.S. Department of Interior’s Royalty PolicyCommittee and served on the board of Tulsa Technology Center and Colorado’sEconomic Development Commission. He holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado at Denver and a J.D. from the University of Tulsa.

Bruce Nurse

Business Development and Director

Bruce Nurse is a noted expert in corporate development and capital markets with over 25 years of experience, specializing in strategic planning, execution, financing, and marketing of start-ups and oil and gas exploration companies. His professional journey is marked by a diverse portfolio, including significant roles in both private and public sectors. Notably, Mr. Nurse was instrumental in supporting an energy transition company with an initial private financing and through a direct IPO onto Nasdaq, successfully raising over US$50 million to date. Mr. Nurse possesses a broad skill set that includes private and secondary transactions, pre-IPO dealings, business development, oil and gas financing, and investor relations.

Mark Frascogna

European Operations and Director

Mr. Frascogna is an energy professional and investor with more than 35 years of experience in the US and abroad. Mr. Frascogna experience includes working with large public corporations such as Forest Oil and Calpine, as well as startup companies in which he either served as an officer or director. Initiatives of particular note include: serving as VP of a Nasdaq listed company; forming bid groups consisting of Enron and Intermountain Industries to bid on Hungarian gas privatization assets; first investment in the Italian gas distribution network by an American company; managing portfolios of energy assets in Europe for American companies; bidding on numerous energy assets abroad, including state owned assets in Brazil and Italy worth over $1 billion; and permitting sites in the US and abroad for renewable energy developments. He currently serves as CEO and director of LNEnergy Ltd., a privately held UK company that holds controlling interests in the largest onshore undeveloped gas field in Western Europe.

Mr.Frascogna holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Master’s in International Management; and is fluent in English and Italian.

Cat Campbell

Exploration Geologist

Cat Campbell is an exploration geologist with a background in geochemistry and petroleum studies. In her nearly 20-year career, Cat has generated prospects around the globe for energy companies while participating in cutting edge research resulting in several publications and technical accolades. As past president of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, a regular visitor to local schools, as well as countless other volunteer roles, Cat strongly supports the geoscience community.


She received her BA in Environmental Science from Connecticut College followed by her MS in Geology from the University of Wyoming.

Matthew W. Bauer, PG

Quantitative Geologist

Matthew W. Bauer, PG is a quantitative geologist with 20 years of experience in the energy and environmental industries. Specializing in the utilization of modern spatial data analytics, he has developed software for database development, energy exploration, mineral rights management, workflow automation, as well as cash flow projections for conventional and renewable energy assets. Being a believer in giving back to his community he is involved in several projects that promote python programming literacy for geoscientists, including the Earth Resource Data Science program at Colorado School of Mines where he is an Affiliate Faculty Member of the Department of Geology and Geologic Engineering. He is also the current President Elect of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

He received his MS in Geology from the Colorado School of Mines and his BS in Geology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Baran Yildiran


Baran Yildiran is a finance, data and software professional who has experience with natural resources, energy, industrials, and healthcare industries.

Currently, Baran is working as a consultant, helping in the acquisition of a large steel manufacturer with operations across North America and establishment of an international energy production and energy services company based in Italy with international operations. Prior to that, Baran worked as an analyst with Toronto Stock Exchange-listed Total Helium, which was built upon the operations of Brooks Energy Company where he joined as the first employee and helped Total Helium become a public company. While building up Total Helium, Baran has also worked on a Hydrogen Power Plant generation project which focused on acquiring the coal-powered Escalante Power Plant in New Mexico – the project was acquired by Tallgrass Energy, which is funded by Blackstone Group.

Baran holds a M.S. in Business Analytics from University of Colorado Denver, a B.A. in Mathematical-Economics from Colorado College, and he also earned a Software Engineering Certificate from Flatiron School.